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Tue, Nov. 20th, 2007, 12:12 pm

We're only a few days away from the the big Live Recording this Friday
night, November 23, at White's Bar here in Saginaw. It's been dubbed by
some as "The Great Mid-Michigan Turkey Puke" and by others as
"Gobble-palooza", but no matter what you call it, the bottom line is a great
time. So eat up all the turkey you can on Thanksgiving Day, go out and do
all your Black Friday shopping the next day, then come out to White's that
night for some drinks, a lot of fun, and a whole heaping mess of boogie.
Yer gonna dance 'til you puke up your Thanksgiving turkey, and then you're
gonna dance some more.

Not only is The BC rocking out the night and recording our Live Album, but
joining us will be the fantabulous Bazooka Jones - who I promise will knock
your socks off and melt your faces. You're gonna want to get to White's Bar
early on Friday because the place will be packed. Come on out, place your
proverbial blanket on the ground to claim your spot, and then sit back and
enjoy the rock-gasm that will last all night long. Seriously. Don't miss
this show. I mean it.

Oh, one final thing. We will be featured in this Thursday's addition - yes,
the Thanksgiving Day edition - of the Saginaw News Hot Ticket with a story
about the band, what we've been up to, and promoting this Live Recording
show. So be sure to pick up your copies of the paper on Thursday! And
we'll be seeing you on Friday. Yeah, YOU. See you there.